Props Brewery & Taproom

125 Lovejoy Rd 
Fort Walton Beach FL 32548
(850) 586-7117 ext. 3
(850) 586-7117 ext. 3
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Hours of Operation:
S: closed 
M: closed 
T: 3p – 9p 
W: 3p – 9p 
T: 3p – 9p 
F: 3p – 9p 
S: 12p – 6p

Current List of Beers On Tap

Blonde Bomber Blonde Ale abv 5.0 ibu 22 
Medium-bodied American blonde ale with a light color and a balanced hop/malt combination. This unfiltered and unpasteurized ale finishes clean and dry.

Dos Pilotos Cerveza Pilsner Lager abv 4.5 ibu 15 
South American style lager that is brewed with pale malts sourced from Patagonia, Chile. Dos Pilotos is an all day drinking beer that pairs perfectly with a lime.

Flying Coffin IPA abv 6.7 ibu 53 
Medium-bodied, balanced IPA that is copper in color with caramel flavors and distinct piney hop qualities. This IPA is infused with Chinook hops and dry-hopped with a Mt. Hood and Cascade hop combination.

4 Kings American Brown Ale abv 5.5 ibu 31 
4 Kings is rich in flavor and is separated from its English counterparts by its slight citrus accent, bitterness, and dry finish.

Prop Oil Porter abv 6.4 ibu 33 
Pours black with a light tan colored head. This porter has a substantial, complex, and flavorful roast character that tastes of dark chocolate and roasted grains. A fan favorite with it’s characteristics of being not too sweet nor too bitter with a smooth aftertaste.

Luckey O’neill Vienna Lager abv 4.8 ibu 24 
Vienna style lager. It’s light golden-brown coloring combines with a lager’s smooth taste which give this lager an all day lawnmower beer feel.

Twin Prop Double IPA abv 8.3 ibu 87 
Take our Flying Coffin and feed it steroids. Our double IPA is boiled for 90 minutes with Zythos hops. Then we dry hop it with a combination of Chinook and more Zythos hops. Twin Prop is robust with subtle “hot” alcohol character and a hop profile that might rip out your tongue.

Black Widow Black IPA abv 6.5 ibu 48 
Dark in color and colorful in flavor. The experience starts with the bite of an IPA and then is quickly balanced out with the smooth flavor of roasted malts.

Ghost Rider Oatmeal Stout abv 4.9 ibu 26 
Our stout is made with Patagonia Black Pearl Malt. This gives it a low roast taste with mild bitterness. We then add oats which increase the smoothness due to the high content of proteins, lipids, and gums.

Pumpkin Bomb American Ale abv 7.9 ibu 24 
Our Pumpkin Ale is released seasonally. We brew it with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg to bring out the spices of the season.

Blood Orange Blonde Blonde Ale abv 5.1 ibu 22 
The B.O.B is the best way to cool off on a hot Florida day. This beer is a blood orange twist on our traditional blonde ale.